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Why Young People Still Need Financial Professionals

It’s that time again - the end of a fiscal year and that means tax season is just around the corner. With each passing filing it seems as though young professionals are turning their backs on financial professionals such as accountants, investors, and advisors, and turning to the technological solutions. But the friendly neighborhood accountant shouldn’t hang up their calculator just yet - young people still need financial professionals. It’s more of a partnership than a servic
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3 Ways to Tap Your Life Insurance While You’re Living

Most financial planners agree that life insurance is essential for protecting families against financial loss, which is why many recommend purchasing the maximum amount needed at the cheapest cost using a term policy. Where they start to diverge in their thinking is in any discussion about life insurance as an asset. Clearly, term life insurance would not be considered an asset as it is purely a death benefit with no savings element. However, cash value life insurance is definitely an asset, esp
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Social Security as Longevity Insurance

Survivor planning is one of the most important aspects of Savvy Social Security Planning. It starts with the basic understanding that if both spouses are receiving Social Security and one spouse dies, the surviving spouse starts receiving the higher of the two benefits and the other benefit stops.Let’s say Jack and Jill are both 62 and married. Jack’s primary insurance amount (PIA) is $2,200. This is the amount he would receive if he starts Social Security at his full retirement age
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3 Ways to Raise Your Social Security Benefit

Not so long ago, baby boomers viewed Social Security as a retirement program for old folks. High-earning boomers felt that Social Security didn’t apply to them because the monthly checks were small and they believed the system wouldn’t be around when they retired.Now the tide has shifted. Nearly all boomers have embraced Social Security, and they’re on a mission to get the most out of the system. Maximizing Social Security has become a national obsession, even— especially
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Beneficary Review

Are your Beneficiaries correct? A comprehensive beneficiary review is a simple way to ensure that assets go to exactly whom an individual wish. Without a comprehensive beneficiary review, an individual may be leaving assets to those they did not intend or no one at all. Remember filling out your 401k paperwork when you started your job? How long did you think through the line of succession for your beneficiaries? If you are like the majority of people you put one person as primary beneficiary
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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck