Our Approach

Our initial interview will consist of a time getting to know you and explaining the types of services we offer as well as answer any questions you have. We typically start with a large overview and introduction into our planning software where we input your investment accounts both qualified and nonqualified. Input any pensions, calculate Social Security benefit options and calculate how much income you need in retirement and estimate what your taxes will look like in retirement. Once we’ve established a basic overview plan we can go to work to customize your investments to help reduce risk and tax burden. We can make suggestions on investment strategies and test those strategies to help you create an optimized portfolio.

Some of the tools that we work with, Hidden Levers which is a risk analyzing software that helps us identify potential upside opportunities in comparison to downside risk. We can create different portfolios to test against each other and help you find the portfolio that best fits your needs. The other program we use a lot is a retirement program that allows us to test different scenarios based on retirement dates taxes and Social Security option. We aggregate your investment accounts including bank and savings accounts along with credit cards loans and other investments account towards net worth have all this information feed in to the planning software on a daily basis so that you have the most up-to-date values when we calculate a retirement scenario.

We also work closely with an estate planning attorney to help you understand the proper use of wills and trusts and transfer on death designations. Michael Meurer the estate planning attorney can help you evaluate your situation and recommend a number of scenarios that best meet your need.